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The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is a monthly+ newsletter, guide, magazine and blog for travellers looking to work abroad. Over the years we have helped our readers to fund their travels working as boat crew in Greece, bar staff in France, camp counsellors in the USA, English teachers in Japan, chalet reps in the Alps, nannies in New Zealand, tour leaders in Southeast Asia, and many more ways to work and travel worldwide.

We sent the first issue of JAB out into the world as a monthly email bulletin in April 2000, reaching 70,000 readers and 100 issues before we changed to placing the job vacancies solely on our website in 2010. Realising that was a dumb idea we’ve brought the newsletter back in 2022.

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What’s in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin?

We allow employers to post vacancies to us for free so JAB can contain as many jobs as possible. Then we scour the internet for more and send them off to you each month. We also share our tips, ideas, and anything else useful that we find for your job hunt.

Who is the Jobs Abroad Bulletin?

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is put together by Shane Donovan who, by writing about work, has successfully managed to avoid ever having to get a real job, and Deirdre Higgins, a veteran of the working week in France, Belgium, Peru, Britain and Ireland.

We have taken a number of extended trips ourselves, working on our websites and newsletter as we go. Theoretically, we live in Turkey, though it’s been six years since we have been home. We coined the term blogpacker in 2006 to describe someone who earns a living working online in various locations of their choosing, rather than in a fixed business location. It didn’t catch on.

Nice things said by…

BBC - “This site has a wide range of links to organisations that can help as well as many resources of its own. The Jobs Abroad Bulletin, produced as a monthly email, includes vacancies around the world for voluntary work, conservation projects, TEFL and work in ski resorts.”

Lonely Planet - “An excellent website with jobs and info for gappers – you can sign up for a regular email jobs bulletin.”

Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel - “Designed for Brits on their “gap year,” this site works just as well for traveling Yanks who’d like odd jobs as they work their way around the world. A bumper crop of opportunities.”

The Good Schools Guide - “Extensive information on working holidays and jobs abroad for gap year students and the not-yet-seriously-employed (who appear to include the site’s authors)”

Daily Telegraph - “Young, opinionated rag offers an alternative view on gap year organizations”